5E Instructional Model Online

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Stage 1: Engage

Stage 2: Exploration

Stage 3: Explain

Stage 4: Elaborate

Stage 5: Evaluate

How to do 5E Instructional Model Lessons in LAMS

Lunar Habitats — 5E Instructional Model Learning Design

Outline of Activities:

  1. Introduction & Q&A
  2. Grouping based on Interior and Exterior Structure design
  3. Branching splits the calls in two groups and send each group to Brainstorm on Interior and Exterior Structure design respectively
  4. After they go back to whole class and share their brainstorm with the rest of the class
  5. NASA video on factors to consider for Lunar Habitats (linear measurement, Area and Volume)
  6. Compare brainstorming factors vs NASA consideration factors (as teams)
  7. New Groups (3 students per group)
  8. Students explore the relations of linear measurement, area and volume applied to Lunar Habitats
  9. Now that the exploration of these context is clear, students use these to calculate the volume of a Lunar Habitat’s main chamber. Students within each group work together in a response.
  10. Students get presented with the exact calculation of the Chamber and are asked to compare their own calculations with NASA’s and determine if the scale proposed can work in the Moon or not (based on the previous deciding factors).
  11. Students get to view other groups responses, provide feedback and rate them accordingly.
  12. Each student reflect on their own personal learning points for the lesson.

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I’m a Communication Manager and Outreach Officer at LAMS (Learning Designer App).

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Chelsea Bullock

Chelsea Bullock

I’m a Communication Manager and Outreach Officer at LAMS (Learning Designer App).

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