Chelsea Bullock

The Design Thinking Process is a process for students to follow to enhance their understanding of the users or audience of a certain product or service, to challenge assumptions of those people, to redefine a problem to demonstrate their deep understanding of it, to create innovative solutions to that problem…

Peer instruction is a structure teaching technique that allows students to examine their own and their colleagues reactions to a concept question.

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The process of reviewing one’s answer and compare it to others contributes significantly to the student learning as well as their engagement (Mazur 2012).

How does it work?

  1. Students individually consider the…

The 3–2–1 bridge thinking routine is an effective tool for students to identify changes to their thinking across a learning task, lesson or project.

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There are three core components to the strategy; reflection on initial thinking, reflection on new thinking and consideration of how thinking has changed or developed.


Chelsea Bullock

I’m a Communication Manager and Outreach Officer at LAMS (Learning Designer App).

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