Change TBL team leaders in any team activity (at any time!)

Chelsea Bullock
2 min readMar 11, 2021

Though not an explicit part of the Team-Based Learning process, for activities to be performed in teams (tRAT and AEs), a team leader or team representative is to be selected to answer the questions on behalf of the team.

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In LAMS, we dedicate a full activity to leader selection where students within a team get to decide and self-appoint a leader. We believe this is important because the leader is not just a mere team scribe, but should have a significant role in ensuring that everyone’s views are taken into account and encourage team consensus and participation.

While up until now, you were able to change the leader in leader selection, if a leader was already set in, say the tRAT, then change it within the activity was rather cumbersome.

Now you change leaders at any time from any team activity, be tRAT, AEs of all times (mindmaps, document responses, assessments, vote, etc). Here’s a short animation on how to do this:

Changing leader in an team activity (tRAT)

Further details and examples, see Change Leaders in the TBL LAMS Guide.

If you want to know more about Team-Based Learning support in LAMS, take a look at the new documentation



Chelsea Bullock

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