doKu: witness learning insights as they happen in real-time

Chelsea Bullock
2 min readDec 1, 2020


The recent addition of doKu to LAMS’ learning tools portfolio has been game changer for student collaboration and takes shared learning to the next level.

The doKu tool allows students to create and edit documents collaboratively in real-time.

However the main advantage, unlike other document collaboration tools, is that as teacher can visualise what and how each students contribute to the creation of the document.

This gives a particular insight into how learning has occur and finally teachers can see how “Eureka moments” occur as the students interact with each other.

The implementation of doKu Started as a research project at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, under Dr. Kumaran Rajaram (lead investigator).

Dr Rajaram presents doKu tool

doKu in Team Based Learning (TBL)

In the context of Team Based Learning, doKu is used in Application Exercises allowing students to jointly create written responses to real-case scenarios when they apply the subject knowledge.

TBL facilitators, can implement the Application Exercises 4S structure to doKu including Gallery Walk and Pushpins or Sticky Notes.

But it’s not just for TBL, other pedagogies and teaching strategies have adopted doKu effectively.

doKu is based on the popular open source software Etherpad Lite which is tightly integrated with LAMS via LAMS’ Tool Contract.

doKu tool in action



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