Importing questions from Microsoft Word

Chelsea Bullock
2 min readNov 22, 2020


Now you can import your exam questions directly into LAMS from Microsoft Word including pictures, tables and formatting.

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Creating, editing and managing your exam questions is complicated as it is. On top of that, moving these questions to your online exam platform is always a hassle as the formatting, images and tables you beautifully crafted in your text editor are nothing like what you get online.

LAMS has always supported open specifications for importing and exporting questions (IMS QTI), but to create questions in this open format usually requires additional software or extensive technical knowledge -none of which are always easily available.

After consulting with lots of teachers, we realised that most of them use MS Word as their primary question editor. So the LAMS team put together a simple Microsoft Word template that teachers can use to import their questions to LAMS directly while maintaining the formatting, tables, images, etc.

You can import questions to the mighty LAMS Question Bank or directly to assessment activities (Assessment, Scratchie -tRAT, Q&A).

Importing from MS Word directly into the Assessment activity

One step further

Along with questions formatting, teachers can also import learning outcomes and feedback for each question.

This makes it even easier to map your curriculum learning objectives to your assessments in a single import.



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