Mark hedging & confidence levels in Team-Based Learning

Photo by Kaysha on Unsplash
Typical MCQ question rendered to students during iRAT
Mark hedging question type

What’s the difference between confidence levels and mark hedging?

Confidence levels

Note that confidence levels are based on confidence based learning -which allows students to select an answer and then say how confidence they are on their chosen option.

Confidence levels view in the tRAT

Mark hedging

However, if what you need is the ability for the students to spread their marks across multiple answers, then you are after Mark hedging questions.

Mark hedging and Confidence levels together

If you use mark hedging questions but want to show the split selection for each student in the tRAT, you can use two together.

tRAT with mark hedging distribution



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Chelsea Bullock

Chelsea Bullock

I’m a Communication Manager and Outreach Officer at LAMS (Learning Designer App).