The Mighty LAMS Question Bank

Photo by Tim Evans

All your questions in one place

Before the Question Bank, all questions were stored in each LAMS tool (Assessment, Scratchie, Q&A, etc). This meant that if you needed to change a question, you would need to repeat the same change in all activities in which the same question was used.

Shared Question Collections

In the Question Bank, all questions are stored in “collections”. And you get to decide how you order your collections.

Track questions throughout their whole life-cycle

As you might choose to reuse questions in several lessons (or throughout semesters), you get a full item analysis of a question for each lesson it has been used.

Question Versioning

This is by far one of my best features of the Question Bank.

Import and export question in various formats

In LAMS we always support open standards, therefore we use IMS QTI for import and export questions. However, IMS QTI requires special software to create questions in QTI (ie: Respondus).

Map learning outcomes to questions

In LAMS, you can map learning outcomes and customisable scales/rubrics for assessing learning activities.

Just the beginning

We are very excited about the upcoming analytics for the Mighty Question Bank. LAMS v5 will bring new visualisation and assessment reports and finer tracking of students responses!



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Chelsea Bullock

Chelsea Bullock

I’m a Communication Manager and Outreach Officer at LAMS (Learning Designer App).