Think Pair Share Learning Strategy Online

Chelsea Bullock
2 min readJan 3, 2021


Think Pair Share is a widely used strategy where students are presented with a task or question and given time to think individually. Then, students are grouped in pairs and share their individual findings with each other, discuss their thoughts and redefining their individual work in order to come up with a consensus on the question or task. After pairs have had time to discuss, the class reconvenes and members of the different pairs share their thoughts with the class.

While Think Pair Share is used extensively in the classroom, it can present challenges when implementing it online.

However, implementing Think Pair Share online with LAMS is very straight forward as we can see next.

How to do Think Pair Share with LAMS

To demo this strategy, we will use a simple question: “Why is the Sky blue?”

Think Pair Share Learning Strategy using LAMS

Outline of Activities

  1. Introduction to the subject/question [Noticeboard]
  2. Group the students in pair (in this example the pairing is done automatically by LAMS, but you can set your own set of student pairs)
  3. Ask the question to each student to respond individually [Q&A Activity]
    After the student has answer the question, they will see their colleague answer and they can comment on each other answer.
  4. Construct consensual answer and share with class [doKu activity]
    In this activity, each student pair gets to create their own consensual response. After they finish their response, they are able to see all other groups (other pairs) consensual answers and they can comment and rate each other responses.

Preview this learning design as a student:

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For a step by step run of the learning design or to download it and adapt it to your own teaching, take a look at this card:



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