Tracking students answers in exams in real time

Chelsea Bullock
2 min readNov 23, 2020


Knowing exactly how students are performing in an online exam in real time has important advantages.

First, it helps to quickly identify knowledge gaps. So before the students finish the exam, as a teacher you are already prepare and can anticipate how to best support the students.

Second, as you know how many students have completed the test, you are able to manage time a lot more effectively. For instance, if about half of the participating students have just finished the test, you can set up a 3 minute deadline for the rest of the students to finish.

This is very useful when conducting exams as it prevents students from being distracted and keep them focus on the lesson.

This new feature is available for in the Assessment activity in LAMS Monitoring and it displays two charts.

Tracking students’ progress in an Assessment activity

The first “Completion” chart, displays the number of students that have started, in progress or completed the exam.

The “Students progress” chart, aggregates the number of questions answered for each student. This chart will tell you how the students are progressing through the exam in real-time.

If the assessment is to be performed as a team (in the context of Team-Based Learning, an application exercise -for instance), the charts will display each team progress thru the activity instead.



Chelsea Bullock

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