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Your First LAMS Learning Design

Creating an actively engaging Learning Design is a lot simpler than you think.

Your first LAMS Learning Design
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Here’s an example of an simple lesson plan and how you can transform it into a 35-minute lesson that you can run in-class or completely online with LAMS.

The Lesson Plan

The lesson plan is very straight forward:

  1. First, present a video to all students.
  2. Ask students a question about the video to gauge their understanding.
  3. After the students have answered the question, we want them to see each others responses and rate them accordingly if they agree.

Here’s how you do this with LAMS:

Creating a Learning Design based on a simple lesson plan with LAMS

LAMS Community

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at the LAMS Community, a community of LAMS practitioners that have shared over 4,000 learning design in a large range of topics, pedagogies and languages!

Other Teaching Strategies

There are a plethora of teaching strategies that you can very simply implement for your lessons with LAMS.

I’m a Communication Manager and Outreach Officer at LAMS (Learning Designer App).

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